Maison Goulet

ARCHITECTSSaia Barbarese Topouzanov architectes
LOCATION33 chemin du lac Croche, Sainte-Marguerite du Lac Masson, Quebec, Canada
CLIENTMarlène Goulet


Team : Mario Saia, Marc Pape, Nadia Meratla Isolated in a harsh landscape, the archetypal gable becomes a benchmark proclaiming the familiarity of shelter. A steep slope descends from north to south towards the lake. This descent is interrupted abruptly by a shear rock face, an indigenous retaining wall shielding a level plateau. It is on this plateau, in the verdant forest between the erratic stones, that the house is sited. From east to west, the long house adopts the form dictated by this projecting ledge. A pair of strong stone chimneys serve to anchor the steel-reinforced wood-frame construction. A zinc cladding confers a velvety, sober texture.